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Emily and her peers successfully graduated MA Acting (Classical and Contemporary Text) from the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (World Top 3 for Performing Arts Education). Bravo everyone!

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The Celtic Queen

Emily (/ˈɛməliː/): (n.) from Latin: 'industrious'; 

literary associations (cf. Emily Brontë; Emily Dickinson).

Ross (/ɹɒs/): (n.) Scottish Gaelic: 'peninsula';

topographic and habitational associations of a wild, Celtic nature.

Emily Ross’s queenly yet untamed style makes her a formidable force of stage and screen. Whether the decadent but menacing fixer Gale in Pomona, the lost and bereaved selkie Kiki in HIDE/BOUND, or the cautious yet trustworthy aristocrat Camilla in A Winter’s Tale, her strong presence and vocal clarity draw your gaze and interest immediately to her. 

Emily's deep engagement with the nuanced histories and contexts that surround roles provide her with a grounded and heartfelt humanity. As an actor who is also trans, her commitment to trans and queer visibility in film, television and theatre is of utmost importance to her.

Emily trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (MA Classical and Contemporary Text) and is now represented by Michelle Burke at Gavin Barker Associates.



A Reinterpretation of the Selkie Myth

Created for and streamed as part of the Glasgow On the Verge Digital Festival 2020, three interconnected stories of selkiehood are told as a trans ex-swimmer navigates the waters as one of their kin. Fanciful old tales are not as pretty as they seem… 

Made in collaboration by Emily Ross,
Sophie Harris,              Ilil Kish,             and              Jaïrus Obayomi

Music and Sound Design by Darlene Zarabozo

Dive in below (best experienced with headphones [CC also available]).

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