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a little about me ...

Emily (/ˈɛməliː/): (n.)

from Latin: 'industrious'; literary

associations (cf. Brontë; Dickinson).

Ross (/ɹɒs/): (n.)

Scottish Gaelic: 'peninsula'; topographic associations of a wild, Celtic nature.

Singing and dancing at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the ensemble for Sister Act: the Musical for the Royal Variety performance was definitely the highlight of this year. As well as nuns, I’ve played queens, mums, mistresses, oldest sisters, high society, low society, divine society, fixers and mob wives, tech girls and hackers, sassy selkies and singing sorceresses … My regal yet untamed style lends itself to character (ish) roles - who aren’t always trans, but I’m always very grateful to have that conversation.

My unique place in life means that I know what it’s like to be apart from others, to feel at odds - both with your body and the world beyond it - but as I’ve grown I’ve come to know healing and recovery. I now know what it is to be heard. Welcomed. Celebrated.

For that, I'm so grateful. No performer is an island.

So as I walk this journey - will you walk beside me awhile? Let’s tell some stories together.

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